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The most instagrammed décor trends

The most instagrammed décor trends

It’s 2022 and you need to up your décor game to meet the latest trend. Time to blend in your personal taste and design concepts from around the world to bring the look that’s right for you and your space. Give a touch of international styling to your home and workplace with these mood-boosting greeneries. Visualize this – A mid-century modern cabinet combined with a bold fern plant or a gentle white orchid at the center to add a personality to it. Your faux plant arrangement can speak volumes about your personality, your company’s personality and more. Why faux? Not everyone has a green thumb. So, let’s quickly update ourselves before we are tagged as outdated. 

Pop goes the color

Incorporate a little pop of color for the decor to rise and stand out. The cozy-neutral colors will continue to play a dominant role in interior décor, but would it hurt to bring in some colors? Absolutely not! If you feel colors don’t match your personality, you can always subtly add to the neutral planters to make that a focal point. 

Strategy is everything

The rule of thumb (pun-intended) with faux plants is using them in places where it’s least expected or slightly out of sight. Like adding them as an accent in the book shelf, hanging them down the curtain rods, giving a fresh life to the room itself. If you are looking for the coolest plant that brings a tropical vibe is the fiddle fig leaves plant. 

The trendy millennial chic look

Missing that oomph and not sure what will go well with the interior? This is your safe bet. This adds a hint of traditional elements to any décor scheme. With the new way of life drawing upon us, the dried look of the pampas grass will add a classic aesthetic to the interior and bring a depth of perception to any space. 

Fake plants are cool now – experts agree with it too. With the right styling strategy no one is going to doubt they aren’t real. Though, it’s a real deal. An impressive stock of artificial greenery that's totally legitimate is the secret weapon for a ton of highly Instagrammed spaces.

Explore the perfect plants to complete your interior –

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4 reasons to have artificial flowers at workspace

4 reasons to have artificial flowers at workspace

Apart from sprucing up the look and feel of your work environment, adding flowers and plants would help bolster productivity to your office. Worried about the hassle of watering them and checking on them every day if they get enough sunlight? Here’s a simple solution – faux plants. They look realistic, fresh, and beautiful all year round regardless of the season, temperature or where they are placed. 

Not sold yet? Read on for 4 reasons why you should open your office doors to artificial flowers and plants.

Easy way to redecorate

Irrespective of the season, you have a wide range of options when it comes to faux flowers and plants. You can switch the décor of your office often without any hassle. A beautiful hued flower arrangement can make an otherwise neutral boardroom look bright and cheerful. Consider Charlotte Artificial White Hydrangeas in Square Vase, Morella - White Artificial Peonies in Mocha Glass & Brushed Gold Vase, Virginia - Light Pink Artificial Hydrangeas in Clear Ribbed Vase to decorate your workplace with.

A happy place

The leafy friends and petaly flowers will add some cheer and brighten up your team's otherwise dull workday. That’s not all. It is also proven that adding these happy-go plants help improve the productivity of the workplace. According to an 8-month long study, it has been proven that a work environment filled with plants and flowers impacted the workforce in a positive way.  This was in terms of innovative thinking, generating good ideas and problem-solving.

Eye-catching varieties like the Sydney - Silver Dollar Eucalyptus Artificial Stems in Mocha Glass & Brushed Gold Vase, Cordoba - Pampas Artificial in Gray Vase, or the Richmond Artificial Hydrangeas in Sexy Glass Vase are great for sprucing up common spaces.

Always guest-ready

Fresh cut flowers need to be constantly checked for withered petals and other maintenance issues. On the off chance of having an unexpected visitor will put you and your brand in a bad light if the flowers turn out to be dying. Artificial flowers on the other hand are always ready to impress you and your guests all year long. They also improve the aesthetics of your space in many ways.

Say goodbye to allergies

Allergies shouldn’t stop you from having flowers in your workspace. By choosing an artificial floral arrangement or plant you can keep your favorite flowers without worrying about allergic reactions. You do not want to put yourself in an awkward situation by watching guests sneezing at your flowers due to an allergy.

Start building your collection of office plants and discover all the wonderful ways that will benefit your day. 

Whether you’re looking for a small desk plant that won’t get in your way or a large standing plant to add an interesting focal point, we have something for every space. Head online to to discover the incredible range from orchids to hydrangeas to faux plants.

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